The Hidden Gems Of Costa Rica’s Central Valley Real Estate

The Hidden Gems Of Costa Rica’s Central Valley Real Estate

Most visitors to Costa Rica head off to explore the rainforest, the beaches, or the cloud forests after touching down in San José. They make the error of not exploring the Central Valley that surrounds San José. This is where most expats in Costa Rica dwell. It’s also home to some of Costa Rica’s hidden jewels, including some of its most beautiful waterfalls. This is one of the primary reasons people buy Costa Rica Real Estate in this area.

Los Chorros Waterfalls, just outside the town of Grecia, is a wonderful park that’s mostly overlooked by tourists. Homes here have some of the best views in Costa Rica. The park has two waterfalls for you to love, which are set in a gorge surrounded by greenery. You’ll ?nd an overlook for graphics. There’s a cable to help ford the river if you’re a more daring person. Once across, take a dip in the waist deep, chilly pool at the foot of the gushing waterfall.


Catarata del Toro is another beauty. Standing 300 feet high and hidden away in the forest between two volcanoes (the water itself crashes into an extinct crater), it’s one of Costa Rica’s tallest waterfalls. The 250-acre park is a private reserve which includes hiking courses, overlooks, rappelling places, and gardens buzzing with hummingbirds. The drive is a spectacular hour-long climb through the mist-shrouded mountains north of the town of Sarchí. The entrance fee is $10 in the house.

La Paz Waterfall Gardens has five waterfalls in total, which you can reach by paved pathways to homes. Viewing platforms make these gardens the best place for jungle waterfall pictures, including photographs under one of the falls. There are also plenty of animals, including pumas and jaguars. Or have a toucan sit on your arm in the aviary. The parks entry fee is $40 for adults.

To the Alajuela exit, take Route 1 from San José, and follow this road straight for 12 miles. Follow signs to the town of Poasito. Take a right at the junction for Heredia/Vara Blanca/ Sarapiquí a left at Vara Blanca at the gas station. Follow this road for three miles, and the gardens are on your left. Here you will for an office to buy Costa Rica Real Estate as well.